Mavrakis Concepts is an Architectural & 3D Printing Company that offers

Our Vision

The 3D Printing, Art and Design fields are still interpreted by the public as individual fields. This idea of isolated industries persists, despite gradual technological change, socio-economic impacts, and industry disruptions. In the 21st century, the outcome for most applicable projects in these fields is pushed to interact, exchange, collaborate and work with each other. Contemporary design/art and 3D printing projects call for work processes in each field to work symbiotically together and our aim is to fulfil this niche and guide custom project processes with an appropriate co-ordinated service.

We offer the following services:

1) 3D Printing Services

FDM and DLP 3D-Printing Processes are available. Our FDM printers have single extruder capability – single colour/material per component. Multiple printers are available for bulk production and to a build volume size: 600mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 600mm (h).


2) Architectural and Design Services 

CAD Drafting: We provide CAD drafting services to our clients that require architectural drawings, construction drawings, component drawings, layout drawings or technical drawings where changes to existing designs are required or sketch drawings that need to be digitized. 

3D Modelling: Architectural and general 3D modelling services are provided for customers that require organic/geometric, or three-dimensional models of envisioned or required objects/parts. 

3D Rendering: We make use of the latest software to provide photorealistic renderings of perspectives for architectural projects, products, façade exteriors or interiors as per our client requests.


3) Art Services 

We specialise in custom artistic projects that require paintings, drawings, illustrations, mural paintings, sketches, stained glass or any combination of these artwork types

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