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Our Vision

The 3D Printing, Art and Architectural Design fields in South Africa is mostly interpreted by the public as individual fields.

Thus, isolated industries persists, despite gradual technological change, socio-economic impacts and industry disruptions.

Therefore, in the 21st century, the outcome for most applicable projects in these fields requires a push for interaction.
For example, exchanges and collaborations takes center stage.


Further, contemporary design, art and 3D printing projects call for work processes in each field to work symbiotically.

Thus, our aim is to fulfil an artisanal 3d printing service niche. We also guide custom project processes with an appropriate coordinated service.

With this essence, the 3d printing landscape in South Africa is also destined to move in a positive direction.

Our 3D Printing Services are based in Pretoria, South Africa.
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We offer the following services

3D Printing Services

Our affordable and fast 3D Printing Services deliver most 3d printing projects in under a week and within budget.
Our 3D Printing Services attract clients from multiple sectors.
The client’s projects that we typically fulfill include –
architectural, mining, motor and general engineering marketing, medical and product design applications.
FDM and DLP 3D Printing Processes are available.
Our FDM printers have single extruder capability – single colour/material per component.
Multiple printers are also available for bulk production.
Our maximum build volume size: 600mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 600mm (h).

CAD Drafting Services

We provide CAD drafting services to our clients.
We successfully deliver multiple projects to our clients worldwide.
Such drafting services contain drawings of an a
rchitectural, construction or technical nature.
Changes and modifications are also made to existing designs as needed.
In addition, sketch drawings are also digitized.
Our CAD knowledge applies to precise CAD drawings compatible with AutoCAD software or similar.
Thus, CAD drafting output is delivered in any format – .dwg .dws .dwt .dxf.

3D Model Services

Architectural and General 3D Model Services are provided for customers.
For example, designs also require three dimensional models of required objects or parts.

Our 3D Design services also include converting a design sketch or concept into a digital 3D model.
Such a 3D Design service is critical to prospect patrons approaching us without design info.
Additionally, we modify and/or customize extant 3D models.

3D Rendering Services

We also make use of the latest software to provide quality renderings.
Further, we work with architectural projects, products, exteriors or interiors as per our client requests.
It is also a significant process to realize 2D CAD Drawings or 3D Models with photorealistic effects.
The goal is to illustrate a lifelike experiences of how a space or building will look before it is built.
Thus, 3D visuals accurately represent design intent.
Such visuals include residential or commercial buildings, interiors, products and furniture.
3D Visualizations build design value into marketing architectural or product design projects.
Thus, 3D Visualizations are useful for Architects, Builders and Estate Agents.
Such visuals further assist in selling a design or product while the project is in development.

Art Services

We specialize in custom artistic projects that require paintings, drawings or illustrations.
In addition, interior murals, stained glass is catered for.
Also, some custom artwork projects require combining such techniques.
Large format canvas oil or acrylic mediums on stretched or loose canvas is possible.
Additionally floral custom resin art jewelry is made on a seasonal basis.

Our Customer Reviews.

Kristjan Pushi
Kristjan Pushi
They are responsive and offer excellent design advice, really great team!
Tana Bega
Tana Bega
Really happy to collaborate with Mavrakis Concepts on overseas projects, well done!
Danie Steyn
Danie Steyn
Super fast. Very professional. Even for my tiny project. Service like you don't see often these days.
Gialdo Mema
Gialdo Mema
Excellent collaboration on interior design projects.
Michelange Katende
Michelange Katende
Such a relief to find an amazing 3D printing company in Pretoria. Such a wonderful couple making my experience a blast and will definitely come back for future orders!!!
Natasha Mulder
Natasha Mulder
I've ordered our corporate gifts from Andreas. He was able to assist us on such sort notice. We are beyond happy with our 3D units!!
Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson
I could not be happier with the service I received. Andreas was extremely professional, very prompt with a quote and had my prints ready the next day. I won't hesitate to use Mavcon again for my 3D printing requirements.
Bernhard A. Wilcocks
Bernhard A. Wilcocks
Great service, will use Andreas again.
Marc Uhlmann
Marc Uhlmann
Affordable, great quality 3D printing. Andreas offers quick responses and great after-sale advice for all 3D printing topics. I received my invoice on the same day of inquiry, and was able to collect my print the morning after payment confirmation (for a relatively large part). Highly recommended.
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