Parametric Design

3D Printing and Parametric Design

What is Parametric Design?

In parametric design and 3d printing all models are parametric, meaning that they are customizable to exact user specifications and then downloaded and/or printed online.
For a user everything is very simple.
Search a ready design model template and choose the parameters needed to change and hit download/print.

The most used by professional designers and industrials is parametric modelling.
The principle is to define parameters on the components of your sketch and the different features.
The components will then be parametrically driven and easily modified thanks to the tree history.
Moreover you can mathematically define relationship for parameters that allows to modify the design of your object by changing a few values.

How does Parametric Design work?

The how and where parameters is identifiable when beginning a parametrically driven CAD model.
Parametric design and 3d printing may be based on the sketches of your model.
These sketches contain dimensions, constraints and relationship between the elements of your drawing. Parameters are set early in the design process.
Then, it is possible to revert to sketches to automatically modify the features of the final design.
This modeling technique fits well for manufacturing technique and especially 3D printing as you can iterate your model faster.

Parametric design and 3d printing opens up possibilities in many avenues in terms of 3d modelling.
It consists of geometries structured by variables, include depth, density and the number of faces.
Also smoothness, edges, height, the level of contouring, and these are just a few of the basic variables.
Parametric design is an uncontrollable chaotic beast despite having controls.
It is beautiful but at most times it is highly functional.
Sometimes it is sculptural yet interesting, and fulfills the need to rethink the black box of design.
It does appeal to an aesthetic or a design intention that requires an organic, fluidic, biological and natural approach.

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