Generating wave Archetypes

3D Printing with Nature and Sound

3D Printing and Nature

Imagine 3D printed forms that follow nature. This method opens the idea of 3d printing with nature and sound.  Then consider a 3D-printing service that generates natural formations and archetypal ideas. A set of design options defined as 3d printing with nature and sound presents itself to the client as forms derivative from nearby coastal natural surroundings and topologies. Then form is etymological or ontological in essence. It is inspired from physical phenomena or pragmatic elements. Sounds of waves, shapes of shifting sands, traces, contours, motions and reverberations. Such kinetic natural and sound structures translates with 3d-printing into forms. These synthesized and refined archetypal forms become a combination of geometric and organic shapes. The modelling and parametric design elements is unobservable to the average user.

Emulating 3D Printing with nature and sound with unique combinations of structural, compositional, and functional gradation in natural materials is exceptionally challenging. Many natural structures prove too complex or expensive to imitate using traditional processing techniques despite recent manufacturing advances. An example of such techniques applies towards a total hip arthroplasty application and also intended to spur further innovation in this area. 3D design services, 3D-modelling services and programs and even 3D-printing processes demonstrates the ability to create structures containing natural variations.

Think of media players with visualizations translating our audio tracks into moving pulsing effects. Furthermore, it informs the user of visualizing music on desktop monitors. This idea translates into an experimental 3d printing service catering specifically to artists and designers. Some of these concepts is purely explorational or digitally similar to gaming environments. Each sculpture is unique as a stand-alone object. Such a 3d-printing service possesses the potential to be coupled with a rendering or design service to optimize the totems or sculpture.

Audio-Visual 3D Printing

Audio-Visual 3D Model Processes

Reify partners with artists who provide visual interpretations of specific songs as abstract 3D models. The artist’s creative vision begins with automated mapping of musical, physical and visual attributes which are recorded by Harmony (software). This is a custom audio-to-physical engine and parametric design application. Collaboration with the artist commences with a custom design totem matching their creative intentions and visual aesthetic. They also collaborate to create an interactive visual experience which includes and represents the song.

The system learns the creative decisions made in order to improve generated mapping models for every collaboration thereafter. Once complete, the totem is 3D printed and encoded with the experience using Unity and Vuforia. The combined experience of physical, audio and visual takes any linear or exploratory form of narrative that the artist requires. Users purchase the totem and download the Stylus application. This application plays back the music and interactive visuals on their mobile device. They can then experience the artist’s song through sound, sight and touch.

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