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Maximum printing size: 600mm (l) x 600mm(w) x 600mm (h).

Large components are printed in parts and joined together (chemical or mechanical fixing).

Multiple printers are available for bulk production.

Resin printing of minor components is available 115mm (l) x 65mm (w) x 155mm (h).

Single extruder capability. (One colour/material per component only).

Artistic rendering or final surface painting is an optional cost and to be calculated

based on the scope of works.



Black, White, Grey, Transparent, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Gold, Silver, Bronze,

Glow in the Dark (Green & Blue), Transparent Blue, Transparent Red, Transparent Green, Transparent Yellow.

Please enquire about the colour as not all colours are available in all material types.


The cost is either calculated according to the print time or the volume of the model.

The average tarriff varies between R 80.00- R 100.00/per hour.

Variables that impact on the fee include: Model design, object size, order size, plastic type and model complexity.

The pricing is often reduced for bulk orders or bulk work.

Design drawings and 3D Modelling are based on an average rate of R200.00/per hour.

This fee indication serves as a guideline as the scope of works varies from project to project.

This fee is subject to negotiation when large work is involved.


Most printing jobs are completed within a week. Large jobs often take longer to complete.

We will provide an estimate delivery date with your quote.

Print schedules, priorities, maintenance periods, and scope of works, project complexities

may impact on the time it takes to complete quoted works.


Golf Course Day

Mini Golf Course SW view  – 2021

Golf Course Night

Mini Golf Course Night View – 2021

Mini Golf Course NE view

Mini Golf Course Night View – 2021

Mall Kiosk Concept Render type 1  – 2020

Mall Kiosk Concept Render type 1  – 2020

Kiosk 2

Mall Kiosk Concept Render type 2  – 2020

Kiosk 3

Mall Kiosk Concept Render type 2  – 2020

Urban Residential Concept NE view

Urban Residential Concept NE view 2020

Urban Residential SE view – 2020

Urban Residential SE view  – 2020

Urban Residential SW view – 2020

Urban Residential SW view  – 2020

Folding Pod Airport

Folding Pod Airport Concept – 2019

Folding Pod Lesotho 1

Folding Pod Outback 1 Concept – 2019

Folding Pod Lesotho 2

Folding Pod Outback 2 Concept – 2019

Folding Pod Namaqualand

Folding Pod Namaqualand Concept

Folding Pod Train Station

2019 Folding Pod Train Station Concept – 2019

Petroleum Station Concept – 2019

Petroleum Station Concept – 2019

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