Team Andrea

Andreas Mavrakis, M. Arch. Prof.

Andreas holds an M. Arch. Prof. with focus on regenerative architectural design in water technologies (sustainability), and has extensive experience in 3d printing and architectural, interior and urban design. His core skills are design consultations, project management and tending to business operations. His technical and design background infers that he applies practical and simple design solutions within our complicated contemporary context.


As an architectural professional, he ensures that operations run smoothly, and realises various contextual strategies pertaining to each client’s circumstance. He is a native English, Greek and Afrikaans speaker with a strong knowledge of the South African and European design industry.

Borana, Master of Fine Arts.

Bora Holds a MA in Fine Arts and Design. She is the in-house Artist. Bora’s work experience is on Customised Artwork, also on Art Classes especially for Children and Children with Special needs in Tirana, Albania. Bora offers Art Classes for everyone in Pretoria, including the customized Artworks. You can follow her on Instagram (here) (

Team Bora
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